Some current and on-going projects and development

PDF toolbox various clients
runtime solution to integrate PDF post-production processing of documents
addition of 'stationery' as backgrounds
addition of files respecting bookmarks
overstamping of page numbers and watermarks Springdale College online college
creation of application process using PDF forms technologies
management of all stages of application process
links to SQL tables behind Moodle to setup course links and to recover essay marks
reporting to meet University validation requirements and to support academic qualifications board
links to Google calendar to manage staff and marking deadlines
library and book sales management Duke Street Chapel town centre church
solution to manage all timetabled events across several locations which directly drives diary section of website
production of monthly rotas for all aspects of voluntary activity
management of contact database and production of address book Right Way Up presentations and audio-visual company
quoting and invoicing system to meet specific client requirements
warehouse management and equipment preparation for transport requirements
software serial number compliance and registration management Together In Mission inter-denominational partnership agency
organisation of conferences with automated production of communications
runtime registration to print badges and personalised programme on arrival
reporting on session choices and food or disability requirements
runtime bookshop solution with barcode scanning and receipt printing In:vert people and event logistics company
desktop and Go solution to manage guest arrivals on multiple flights on daily event schedule
check-in and reporting on iPad for front-of-house staff
links to SQL databases from registration system
parallel mobile website development to display date specific tables Speaking and conference participation
regular contributor to UK Technet user groups
speaker on PDF production and Groovy programming
Cube awards 2010 'honorable mention' for work extending Filemaker with PDF technologies